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Web Developer 0.9

A new version of the Web Developer extension has just been released. This is the biggest release yet and contains many new features.

As with the recent User Agent Switcher release I will also be creating a localized version containing multiple languages. I had localizations for the previous version, but there were too many changes in this new release to still use these so if you have new or updated translations simply contact me and I will add them to the localized version.

Business 2.0

Just before I left for Hawaii a month ago, I was contacted by Om Malik who wanted to talk to me about Firefox. Om was writing an article for Business 2.0 magazine and was introduced to me through Blake Ross.

We talked about the Web Developer extension as well as Firefox in general. It was a good conversation, but I did not think I had said anything interesting enough to warrant inclusion in the article. However, the article came out last week and I was pleasantly surprised to find I made an appearance:

…Firefox will only grow more powerful. Just ask San Francisco-based Web developer Chris Pederick, who’s created a free tool kit that makes building Web applications in Firefox easy. “There is a lot more at stake here than Microsoft admits,” Pederick says.

It is definitely worth reading the full article and you can find my words of wisdom in the very last paragraph on the second page.

Firefox 1.0 Soon

With the Firefox 1.0 release due soon the extension version has been increased to 1.0 recently. This weekend I updated both the User Agent Switcher and Web Developer extensions to support this and asked for the change to be made on Mozilla Update.

I am also planning on releasing new versions of both extensions soon after Firefox 1.0 is released. For the User Agent Switcher this is just a minor update with a few enhancements, but the Web Developer release will be a major upgrade. You can check out what is already coded for this next release on the to-do page.

Web Developer Extension Update

With the last release of the User Agent Switcher extension I increased the maximum supported version for Firefox to 0.10+ so that it works on Firefox preview release builds.

I am currently working on the next release of the Web Developer extension, but it is not yet ready for release. Therefore I have just updated version 0.8 with the same maximum supported version for Firefox as that of the User Agent Switcher extension. The updated Web Developer extension is available from the download page and should be on Mozilla Update soon.

I have also updated the Web Developer to-do page to list what I have already coded for the next release so that you can see the progress that I am making.

Extensions Released

User Agent Switcher 0.4 and Web Developer 0.8 have now been released.

Admittedly these were released a little ahead of schedule—particularly Web Developer—as I wanted to have them available before Firefox 0.9. I did a fair amount of testing over the weekend, but inevitably some bugs will—and have—slipped through. The following issues have already been discovered:

User Agent Switcher

  • The user agent is not reset when the browser closes

Web Developer

  • ‘Visited Links’ features do not work in Firefox 0.9
  • ‘Edit CSS’ sidebar has an oversized margin

The announcement of a new default theme for Mozilla Firefox also came a little too late for me to include it, but I will look into supporting this for the next release.