Web Developer for Chrome History

Version 0.4.8

February 15, 2017

  • Added the features:
    • Remove Form Validation
  • Fixed issues:
    • Disable features did not work on file URLs
    • Disable features no longer enable a feature on all sites when enabled
    • Tools features did not encode the page URL
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.7

July 21, 2016

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Element Information' did not work
    • 'Display Print Styles' did not work correctly
    • 'Find Broken Images' did not work
    • 'Hide Background Images' did not work on generated content
    • 'Hide Images' did not work on generated content
    • 'Outline Background Images' did not work
    • 'Validate Section 508' did not work
    • 'Validate WAI' did not work
    • 'View Color Information' did not work
    • 'View Image Information' did not work
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.6

May 23, 2014

  • Fixed issues:
    • The toolbar could display scrollbars
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.5

November 22, 2013

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Allow in incognito' setting could not be changed
    • Various features were broken by a Chrome security change
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.4

September 7, 2013

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Edit CSS' could not be resized
    • 'Edit CSS' did not load the CSS
    • 'Validate HTML' did not work in Linux
    • The toolbar could display garbled characters
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.3

February 2, 2013

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Validate Local HTML' did not work

Version 0.4.2

January 21, 2013

  • Added support for retina displays
  • Added support for turning off the element descriptions when outlining elements
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Alt Attributes' did not work
    • 'Display Image Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Title Attributes' did not work
    • 'Edit CSS' applied some print styles
    • 'Replace Images With Alt Attributes' added a background color
    • 'View Cookie Information' did not find cookies on www domains and sub-domains correctly
    • 'View Responsive Layouts' sizes were affected by scrollbars
    • Deselecting a session cookie did not allow an expires date to be entered
    • Non-syntax highlighing was word wrapping
    • The toolbar icon could not be seen on dark themes

Version 0.4.1

July 17, 2012

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Disable Images' did not work
    • 'Display Div Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Image Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Ruler' did not display the toolbar correctly
    • 'Display Table Depth' did not work
    • 'Hide Background Images' did not work
    • 'Hide Images' did not work
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not populate form elements without a name attribute correctly
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not populate password elements correctly
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not work with forms containing a select element
    • 'View Document Outline' did not work with headings with no text
    • The dashboard could cover parts of the page

Version 0.4

June 25, 2012

  • Added options:
    • Unlimited resize dimensions
    • Unlimited tools
  • Added support for localizing the extension
  • Added support for the 'autocomplete' attribute to the 'Display Form Details' feature
  • Added support for zip codes to the 'Populate Form Fields' feature
  • Added the features:
    • Add Cookie
    • Check/Uncheck All Checkboxes
    • Clear Cache
    • Clear History
    • Clear Form Fields
    • Convert Text Inputs To Textareas
    • Delete Domain Cookies
    • Delete Path Cookies
    • Delete Session Cookies
    • Disable Cookies
    • Disable Images
    • Disable JavaScript
    • Disable Notifications
    • Disable Plugins
    • Disable Popups
    • Display ARIA Roles
    • Display Div Dimensions
    • Display Div Order
    • Display Line Guides
    • Display Table Depth
    • Display Table Information
    • Expand Select Elements
    • Find Duplicate Ids
    • Mark All Links Unvisited/Visited
    • Outline Form Fields Without Labels
    • Outline Non-Secure Elements
    • Reload Images
    • Use Border Box Model
    • View Color Information
    • View Cookie Information
    • View Responsive Layouts
  • Improved the 'View JavaScript feature':
    • Added support for a JavaScript beautifier
    • Added support for displaying line numbers
  • Improved the design of the output of the features
  • Updated the toolbar icon
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Alt Attributes' did not work with image submit buttons
    • 'Display Block Size' and 'Display Image Dimensions' did not update when the browser was resized
    • 'Display Element Information' could display the incorrect positioning for an element
    • 'Display Element Information' could not access all elements on the page
    • 'Display Element Information' did not scroll with the viewport
    • 'Edit CSS' did not support :first-letter and :first-line pseudo classes
    • 'Outline External Links' did not work with secure links
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not respect the maxlength attribute of a form element
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not work with form elements without a name attribute
    • 'View Form Information' did not show values for select elements
    • 'View Image Information' did not show background images
    • Image features did not support list item images
    • Moving selectable elements also selected text
  • Merged the Chrome and Firefox code bases
  • Optimized the code
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.3.1

July 24, 2010

  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Disable Linked Style Sheets' disabled all style sheets

Version 0.3

May 24, 2010

  • Added the features:
    • Display Color Picker
    • Display Element Information
    • Display Ruler
    • Reload CSS
  • Disabled the analytics used in the extension as they were causing issues for some users
  • Various code fixes

Version 0.2

April 20, 2010

  • Added analytics to track which features are being used in the extension
  • Added the features:
    • Edit CSS
    • View Document Outline
  • Various code fixes

Version 0.1

March 17, 2010

  • Initial release
  • Provided the features:
    • Clear Radio Buttons
    • Convert Form GETs To POSTs
    • Convert Form POSTs To GETs
    • Convert Select Elements To Text Inputs
    • Disable All Styles
    • Disable Browser Default Styles
    • Disable Embedded Styles
    • Disable Inline Styles
    • Disable Linked Style Sheets
    • Disable Print Styles
    • Display Abbreviations
    • Display Access Keys
    • Display Alt Attributes
    • Display Anchors
    • Display Form Details
    • Display Handheld Styles
    • Display Hidden Elements
    • Display Id & Class Details
    • Display Image Dimensions
    • Display Image Paths
    • Display Link Details
    • Display Object Information
    • Display Passwords
    • Display Print Styles
    • Display Stack Levels
    • Display Tab Index
    • Display Title Attributes
    • Display Topographic Information
    • Display Window Size
    • Enable Auto Completion
    • Enable Form Fields
    • Find Broken Images
    • Hide Background Images
    • Hide Images
    • Linearize Page
    • Make Form Fields Writable
    • Make Frames Resizable
    • Make Images Full Size
    • Make Images Invisible
    • Outline Absolute Positioned Elements
    • Outline All Images
    • Outline Background Images
    • Outline Block Level Elements
    • Outline Deprecated Elements
    • Outline External Links
    • Outline Fixed Positioned Elements
    • Outline Floated Elements
    • Outline Frames
    • Outline Headings
    • Outline Images With Adjusted Dimensions
    • Outline Images With Empty Alt Attributes
    • Outline Images With Oversized Dimensions
    • Outline Images Without Alt Attributes
    • Outline Images Without Dimensions
    • Outline Non-Secure Elements
    • Outline Relative Positioned Elements
    • Outline Table Captions
    • Outline Table Cells
    • Outline Tables
    • Populate Form Fields
    • Remove Maximum Lengths
    • Replace Images With Alt Attributes
    • Reset Page
    • Resize to 800x600
    • Resize to 1024x768
    • Resize Window
    • Validate CSS
    • Validate Feed
    • Validate HTML
    • Validate Links
    • Validate Local CSS
    • Validate Local HTML
    • Validate Section 508
    • Validate WCAG
    • View Anchor Information
    • View CSS
    • View Form Information
    • View Image Information
    • View JavaScript
    • View Link Information
    • View Meta Tag Information
    • View Response Headers
    • View Source