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Chris Pederick is a web developer originally from London, England, but now living in San Francisco, California. In his spare time, he writes the Web Developer browser extension. His pronouns are he/him.

What Movies I Watched in 2022 🍿

What Movies I Watched in 2022 🍿

January 30th, 2023

I started using Letterboxd again this year to track the movies I watch. I signed up for a pro membership, primarily for the feature that filters your watchlist to show only the movies available on services that you subscribe to…

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Web Developer

Web Developer

A browser extension that adds various web developer tools to a browser.

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 Version 0.5.5 (August 25th, 2023)

 Version 3.0 (June 1st, 2024)

 Version 0.2.2 (February 15th, 2017)