User Agent Switcher Localization

The localized build uses the same code as version 0.6.* of the standard build, but contains additional translations for languages other than English.


  • English (US)
  • Euskara [Basque]
  • Беларуская [Belarusian]
  • 中文 (简体) [Chinese (Simplified)]
  • 正體中文 (繁體) [Chinese (Traditional)]
  • Čeština [Czech]
  • Dansk [Danish]
  • Nederlands [Dutch]
  • suomi [Finnish]
  • Français [French]
  • Frysk [Frisian]
  • Deutsch [German]
  • עברית [Hebrew]
  • Magyar [Hungarian]
  • Italiano [Italian]
  • 日本語 [Japanese]
  • 한국어 [Korean]
  • lietuvių kalba [Lithuanian]
  • Македонски [Macedonian]
  • polski [Polish]
  • Português (do Brasil) [Portuguese (Brazilian)]
  • română [Romanian]
  • Русский [Russian]
  • slovenčina [Slovak]
  • Español (Argentina) [Spanish (Argentina)]
  • Español (de España) [Spanish (Spain)]
  • Türkçe [Turkish]
  • Українська [Ukranian]

Localized User Agent Switcher for Firefox

Version 0.6.11 (March 16th, 2008)

Release notes

All translations should be created on BabelZilla and will be integrated into the localized build as they are released. Please read the help for more information.