Web Developer Chrome History

Version 0.5.5

August 25th, 2023
  • Removed the 'Disable Plugins' feature as it is no longer supported by Chrome
  • Removed the unused and unncessary 'clipboardWrite' permission

Version 0.5.4

January 12th, 2020
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Color Picker' did not work
    • 'Display Line Guides' did not work
    • 'Display Ruler' did not work
    • 'Show Element Tag Names' did not work

Version 0.5.3

December 17th, 2019
  • Hopefully fixed the extension settings being accidentally wiped

Version 0.5.2

December 17th, 2019
  • Fixed issues:
    • Custom resize window features did not work

Version 0.5.1

December 16th, 2019
  • Fixed issues:
    • Features that open in a new tab did not work consistently
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.5

August 2, 2017
The Web Developer for Chrome extension was compromised and a hacked version 0.4.9 released. Version 0.5 removed the malicious code. Please read the blog post for more information on what happened and recommendations for those impacted.

Version 0.4.8

February 15, 2017
  • Added the features:
    • Remove Form Validation
  • Fixed issues:
    • Disable features did not work on file URLs
    • Disable features no longer enable a feature on all sites when enabled
    • Tools features did not encode the page URL
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.7

July 21, 2016
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Element Information' did not work
    • 'Display Print Styles' did not work correctly
    • 'Find Broken Images' did not work
    • 'Hide Background Images' did not work on generated content
    • 'Hide Images' did not work on generated content
    • 'Outline Background Images' did not work
    • 'Validate Section 508' did not work
    • 'Validate WAI' did not work
    • 'View Color Information' did not work
    • 'View Image Information' did not work
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.6

May 23, 2014
  • Fixed issues:
    • The toolbar could display scrollbars
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.5

November 22, 2013
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Allow in incognito' setting could not be changed
    • Various features were broken by a Chrome security change
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.4

September 7, 2013
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Edit CSS' could not be resized
    • 'Edit CSS' did not load the CSS
    • 'Validate HTML' did not work in Linux
    • The toolbar could display garbled characters
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.4.3

February 2, 2013
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Validate Local HTML' did not work

Version 0.4.2

January 21, 2013
  • Added support for retina displays
  • Added support for turning off the element descriptions when outlining elements
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Alt Attributes' did not work
    • 'Display Image Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Title Attributes' did not work
    • 'Edit CSS' applied some print styles
    • 'Replace Images With Alt Attributes' added a background color
    • 'View Cookie Information' did not find cookies on www domains and sub-domains correctly
    • 'View Responsive Layouts' sizes were affected by scrollbars
    • Deselecting a session cookie did not allow an expires date to be entered
    • Non-syntax highlighing was word wrapping
    • The toolbar icon could not be seen on dark themes

Version 0.4.1

July 17, 2012
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Disable Images' did not work
    • 'Display Div Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Image Dimensions' did not work
    • 'Display Ruler' did not display the toolbar correctly
    • 'Display Table Depth' did not work
    • 'Hide Background Images' did not work
    • 'Hide Images' did not work
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not populate form elements without a name attribute correctly
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not populate password elements correctly
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not work with forms containing a select element
    • 'View Document Outline' did not work with headings with no text
    • The dashboard could cover parts of the page

Version 0.4

June 25, 2012
  • Added options:
    • Unlimited resize dimensions
    • Unlimited tools
  • Added support for localizing the extension
  • Added support for the 'autocomplete' attribute to the 'Display Form Details' feature
  • Added support for zip codes to the 'Populate Form Fields' feature
  • Added the features:
    • Add Cookie
    • Check/Uncheck All Checkboxes
    • Clear Cache
    • Clear History
    • Clear Form Fields
    • Convert Text Inputs To Textareas
    • Delete Domain Cookies
    • Delete Path Cookies
    • Delete Session Cookies
    • Disable Cookies
    • Disable Images
    • Disable JavaScript
    • Disable Notifications
    • Disable Plugins
    • Disable Popups
    • Display ARIA Roles
    • Display Div Dimensions
    • Display Div Order
    • Display Line Guides
    • Display Table Depth
    • Display Table Information
    • Expand Select Elements
    • Find Duplicate Ids
    • Mark All Links Unvisited/Visited
    • Outline Form Fields Without Labels
    • Outline Non-Secure Elements
    • Reload Images
    • Use Border Box Model
    • View Color Information
    • View Cookie Information
    • View Responsive Layouts
  • Improved the 'View JavaScript feature':
    • Added support for a JavaScript beautifier
    • Added support for displaying line numbers
  • Improved the design of the output of the features
  • Updated the toolbar icon
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Display Alt Attributes' did not work with image submit buttons
    • 'Display Block Size' and 'Display Image Dimensions' did not update when the browser was resized
    • 'Display Element Information' could display the incorrect positioning for an element
    • 'Display Element Information' could not access all elements on the page
    • 'Display Element Information' did not scroll with the viewport
    • 'Edit CSS' did not support :first-letter and :first-line pseudo classes
    • 'Outline External Links' did not work with secure links
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not respect the maxlength attribute of a form element
    • 'Populate Form Fields' did not work with form elements without a name attribute
    • 'View Form Information' did not show values for select elements
    • 'View Image Information' did not show background images
    • Image features did not support list item images
    • Moving selectable elements also selected text
  • Merged the Chrome and Firefox code bases
  • Optimized the code
  • Various minor code fixes

Version 0.3.1

July 24, 2010
  • Fixed issues:
    • 'Disable Linked Style Sheets' disabled all style sheets

Version 0.3

May 24, 2010
  • Added the features:
    • Display Color Picker
    • Display Element Information
    • Display Ruler
    • Reload CSS
  • Disabled the analytics used in the extension as they were causing issues for some users
  • Various code fixes

Version 0.2

April 20, 2010
  • Added analytics to track which features are being used in the extension
  • Added the features:
    • Edit CSS
    • View Document Outline
  • Various code fixes

Version 0.1

March 17, 2010
  • Initial release
  • Provided the features:
    • Clear Radio Buttons
    • Convert Form GETs To POSTs
    • Convert Form POSTs To GETs
    • Convert Select Elements To Text Inputs
    • Disable All Styles
    • Disable Browser Default Styles
    • Disable Embedded Styles
    • Disable Inline Styles
    • Disable Linked Style Sheets
    • Disable Print Styles
    • Display Abbreviations
    • Display Access Keys
    • Display Alt Attributes
    • Display Anchors
    • Display Form Details
    • Display Handheld Styles
    • Display Hidden Elements
    • Display Id & Class Details
    • Display Image Dimensions
    • Display Image Paths
    • Display Link Details
    • Display Object Information
    • Display Passwords
    • Display Print Styles
    • Display Stack Levels
    • Display Tab Index
    • Display Title Attributes
    • Display Topographic Information
    • Display Window Size
    • Enable Auto Completion
    • Enable Form Fields
    • Find Broken Images
    • Hide Background Images
    • Hide Images
    • Linearize Page
    • Make Form Fields Writable
    • Make Frames Resizable
    • Make Images Full Size
    • Make Images Invisible
    • Outline Absolute Positioned Elements
    • Outline All Images
    • Outline Background Images
    • Outline Block Level Elements
    • Outline Deprecated Elements
    • Outline External Links
    • Outline Fixed Positioned Elements
    • Outline Floated Elements
    • Outline Frames
    • Outline Headings
    • Outline Images With Adjusted Dimensions
    • Outline Images With Empty Alt Attributes
    • Outline Images With Oversized Dimensions
    • Outline Images Without Alt Attributes
    • Outline Images Without Dimensions
    • Outline Non-Secure Elements
    • Outline Relative Positioned Elements
    • Outline Table Captions
    • Outline Table Cells
    • Outline Tables
    • Populate Form Fields
    • Remove Maximum Lengths
    • Replace Images With Alt Attributes
    • Reset Page
    • Resize to 800x600
    • Resize to 1024x768
    • Resize Window
    • Validate CSS
    • Validate Feed
    • Validate HTML
    • Validate Links
    • Validate Local CSS
    • Validate Local HTML
    • Validate Section 508
    • Validate WCAG
    • View Anchor Information
    • View CSS
    • View Form Information
    • View Image Information
    • View JavaScript
    • View Link Information
    • View Meta Tag Information
    • View Response Headers
    • View Source