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🐼 all the things!


Did you do ColorWare for your Switch or are those controller skins?

@chrispederick love that keyboard. Did you build it yourself or?

@b_hough I splurged on ColorWare. First time I’ve used them and the quality is pretty incredible.

@mmarfil The keyboard is a Leopold FC660M that I bought on eBay, but I switched out the key caps with custom colors I bought on Pimp My Keyboard.

@chrispederick This is awesome. Love the black Apple Watch with the white band.

@mmarfil It was my first mechanical keyboard and custom key set purchase. I had to ask @_joe a ton of questions, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

@chrispederick I’ve been meaning to build a custom Vortex for some time, but import taxes are crazy high in Brazil…

@chrispederick looks great! Might need to do this for mine now.

@mmarfil Oooo, the Vortex looks super nice, but I “need” a keyboard with dedicated arrow keys. I’d love to see what you would build with your design background, but the cost does add up quickly…even without high import taxes.

Omg that white look is tiiiiiight

@chrispederick Whoa! Where did you get white joy-cons?

@dreger I splurged and bought custom painted ones from ColorWare. Pricey, but the quality is incredible:

@chrispederick Holy smokes. I didn’t realize they had so many color combinations—no idea how I’d pick. These 16-bit ones look excellent, too.

@dreger Yeah, it’s nuts, but I guess they paint to order (which is why it can take a few weeks) so they can pretty much do whatever. I won’t use them for many things, but I’m very happy with the quality.

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