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Image from August 13th, 2018 at 1:56pm

The main changes since my last home screen are switching from Pocket Casts to Castro (which I love) and replacing Spotify and Todoist with Apple Music and Reminders as I’ve moved from the Amazon Echo to the HomePod

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick we have a lot of overlap!

@Burk Lose It! is on my home screen because I was inspired by you to improve my health!

@chrispederick oh nice! That app has actually been very helpful for me!

@chrispederick @Burk I HATE Lose It so much! (but in a good way) 🙂

@jack heheh totally! So judge!!

@jack @Burk Hehe – indeed. It’s really helped me cut down my snacking at work which has been the main reason why I’ve lost 5lbs in the last four weeks.

@chrispederick Nice! I fell off the wagon a month or so ago and gained 6 or 7 pounds. Need to climb back on before things get out of hand. (I’m typing this while a donut sits next to my keyboard.)

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