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Video from April 8th, 2019 at 8:47am

One day we saw a school of golden rays from the boat and I was disappointed that we weren’t in the water at the time. Then the next day while snorkeling this happened 😳

Chris Pederick


Wow! All of your photos and videos are amazing @chrispederick! Thanks for sharing – looks like an incredible trip/experience!!

@chrispederick So cool. Add music and this can be a scene from one of those nature documentaries.

@Burk @cheesemaker Right?! My jaw would have dropped had I not had my snorkel in it at the time 😀

@pratik Ha, thank you! That’s a testament to the ability to get close to the animals in the Galápagos and the quality of the 4K video from a GoPro (and less my camera work).

@dynamendoza Thank you! It really was the trip of a lifetime.

@chrispederick Wow! That’s beautiful and amazing.

@chrispederick That is stunning. And a wonderful showcase of the power of videos on — can potentially bring such wonders to the timeline 👌🙂

@amit Thank you so much! And I agree and that is exactly why I had talked to @manton about better video support. I really hope both he and @cheesemaker are enjoying seeing the fruits of their labors with all the amazing videos being posted the last few days.

@chrispederick Incredible! If this is the kind of thing video enables on, bring it on!

@chrispederick wow. Majestic. And high-quality video too.

@jacob Thank you! And yeah, the latest GoPros produce impressive video quality. This one is even compressed more aggressively in order to load (reasonably) quickly on the web.

@chrispederick @amit @manton it’s awesome watching these really great videos show up in my timeline!!!

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