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Post from June 24th, 2019 at 11:33am

I’ve finally worked out why voicemail transcription has never worked on my iPhone: I had my Siri language set to English (UK). Voicemail transcription starts working when I change it to English (US). Time to Americanize after living here for twenty years I guess 😀

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick I understand that there might be some technical issues that could be thorny, but in a global, connected world, it seems like it’s high time for Apple to recognize that place ≠ person. (Did transcription work if a fellow Brit leaves a voicemail, or it is solely keyed to a “mismatch” between geographic location and Siri voice?)

Years ago, we always had people complaining to us that they ran their OS in English but wanted Camino in X (often Norwegian!), but the Cut/Copy/Paste menu items still showed in English despite the localizers localizing those items properly—the OS overrode the app locale. (Apparently it’s common in parts of the world to run an English OS and localized apps!)

@smokey I totally agree and have had similar problems to those you describe when my Firefox extensions used to be localized.

The most frustrating part of this was there was no indication as to why voicemail transcription wasn’t working – it just never showed up. So I can only guess that it doesn’t work when your device and Siri language settings don’t match. I assume UK users with matching settings get voicemail transcription, but I don’t know for sure.

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