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Post from July 8th, 2019 at 8:55pm

18 months after unfollowing everyone and deleting all of my tweets I returned to Twitter a week ago 😬 I’ve spent the last week following people and then being aggressive about disabling retweets or just unfollowing people who for me are too frequently negative or outraged.

Chris Pederick


Good approach.

I’ve done this several times. Welcome back (I guess). I’ll be back in the Bay Area next Monday for three weeks. Wanna grab grub or a drink?

Oooo, yeah! Hit me up next week to set a date and lunch is on me for sure!

Social media is awesome!! 🙃

Did the same a few years ago and it made Twitter much more sane for me. Good luck!

I did a similar thing about two months ago!…

Yeah, I’ve followed you for a while on and remember when you posted that. Seeing it work for you and others like @RobotHive was part of what made me consider trying it myself. I’m still tweaking who I follow and disabling retweets to get to a decent spot.

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