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Video from March 30th, 2020 at 4:17pm

When you get the foster dog to chase you, but forget that the foster dog dug a couple of holes earlier

Chris Pederick


Omg. I almost feel bad for laughing as hard as I’m laughing right now.

I like how bashful just waits patiently and watches 不

@mulysa.maybe @abbygins and I were in tears when we first watched it!

OMG paws in one hole face in the other – it was so sad!!!! But I also cried laughing last night when Chris showed me the slo mo poor Olive!!!!

@chrispederick Ouch! Thats quite a face plant.

ill just wait here and watch my strategically placed digging do its work!

yay for fostering 滕滕潑歹歹歹

Is that the definition of face planting poor thing

Omg that made me laugh so hard. Poor olive!

@Miraz Fortunately she’s a sturdy little dog and just shook it off.

Hahhha awwwww Olive!! 歹

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