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Video from May 15th, 2020 at 8:43am

Our backyard camera caught a baby bird being fed on the deck

Chris Pederick


Look at dat fuzzy burdee ❤️

@chrispederick why does that juvenile seem larger than the parent? Is that camera distortion?

@chrispederick I llove the look of the backyard. No grass.

@khurtwilliams I suspect a combination of camera distortion and the baby still having flluffy/downy feathers make it look larger than it really was, but it was quite the pudge!

And thank you for the compliment on the backyard. We landscaped it a couple of years ago (it was just concrete before) and it made no sense to have a lawn with the regular California droughts.

@chrispederick I live in a townhouse community with a shared backyard. The HOA spends thousands of dollars each year on lawn care. I would prefer a wildflower meadow in the backyard.

@khurtwilliams Sigh. Yeah, some people in our neighborhood spend a lot of time and use so much water to take care of their front lawns 🙄 We still have a lawn in our front yard, but just mow it occasionally. We plan on redoing it and getting rid of the lawn at some point.

Oh my gosh, the suspense was killing me waiting for the mom bird to come back! How sweet and awesome that you have that on tape!

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