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Image from October 18th, 2020 at 10:35am

When you’re trying to FaceTime your parents, but the foster cat wants breakfast

Chris Pederick


Intrigued by your keyboard … what make is it?

I’ve been getting back into mechanical keyboards during these pandemic times and need to write a full blog post about all of that, but it’s a NovelKeys NK65 v2 e-white aluminium keyboard with PBT SA Chalk keycaps and a Dwarf Factory terrarium artisan (hard to see in that photo).

I was like… Wait! A cat!!😻

@f_pants Thanks in no small part to the advice from your husband!

Nice. I’ve been using an apple keyboard for years but thinking about getting something better. Are you just coding with it, or gaming too?

@chrispederick awww, but does that mean he was adopted?🙏🏼

@ginavisione He’s back to being a resident at the cat cafe now that their renovations are complete. They did ask if we wanted to adopt as we sent them some cute videos of him and Olive, but we’re pretty sure he wants to be around other cats and will be happy to be back with his buddies.

@chrispederick Awww, a mini foster-family respite 😻

I don’t have a gaming PC…yet 😉 It has silent linear switches in it (Kailh pinks) so it should work well for gaming, but for now it’s just nice for work.

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