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Image from February 12th, 2021 at 11:54am

I’m a fan of the Hemispheric Views podcast and enjoy the episodes where they critique listener’s desk set-ups. So I shared a couple of photos on their Discord and they wrote up their thoughts on my set-up on their new blog.

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick very nice indeed. Is it always that neat and organized?

So clean! But the folks at home gotta know…what’s your Streamdeck setup?

@pratik While I did tidy some cables before I took the photo, I do try to keep my desk clean and neat. I find it essential for me to maintain focus while working.

It’s not super exciting honestly – mainly meeting controls and media keys – but I am going to do a write up soon after I make some needed tweaks.

@chrispederick Glad to hear. I’m the same way 🙂 Really love your desk

@pratik Thank you! I have put some time, effort and money into it over the last year or so since I’m spending so much more time at it given the pandemic.

What’s the keyboard? Thinking about getting something with better ergonomics than the Apple one.

Is there seriously a soccer pitch behind your monitor?

NK65 aluminum with Kailh BOX pink silent linear switches and Drop keycaps. I love it! I’d highly recommend picking up an NK65 Entry Edition when they come back in stock:…

Yup! High school athletic field, although obviously it’s typically empty during the pandemic.

That is the most Pederick view I could have imagined. I’m just surprised you haven’t cut down the tree.

Ha. There actually used to be a lot more trees back there and the view was nicer plus it blocked some of the noise. Sadly the school cleared the rough ground including the trees because there was a coyote den back there. So we built a new fence and planted new trees on our side.

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