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Image from September 9th, 2021 at 7:38pm

Went to the Oregon coast for my first trip away from home in two years and stayed at this lovely riverboat Airbnb

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick Wow! Can you share a link?

@jean Here you go, highly recommended! AirBNB

@chrispederick @jean Oh! Newport? Did you eat at the seafood restaurant by the dock? We pigged out on clams during our visit there

@pratik Not sure if it’s the place you are thinking of, but we did have a delicious dinner at Local Ocean right there.

@chrispederick That’s incredible. I’ve stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel 📚📝 many times, but this could lure me to try something different. How many rooms do they have? Did you interact with other guests?

@jean I believe they have five rooms and ours was totally private with it’s own entrance and bathroom. We met other guests during happy hour and breakfast, but precautions were taken due to the pandemic (social distancing, masks etc.) so it felt comfortable and safe. While we found them and booked through Airbnb, they do have their own website with some more information it looks like:

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