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Post from December 15th, 2022 at 2:43pm

I’m loving the beta of Readwise’s Reader app so far. I’m pretty sure I will be moving to it from Pocket and shutting down Read Ruler, my web app for Pocket, soon. Next up: to decide if I should also move all of my RSS feed reading from Reeder to Reader. (Naming things is hard.)

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick I currently good or bad put all of my RSS feeds in there. I really like the idea but it is a little clunky right now navigating as it doesn’t pull in Categories or Groups so I just have a firehose of information in the RSS feed. However, I do like how that is different than the “Read It Later” portion.

@chrispederick Why is it better than Pocket?

@ericmwalk Interesting. I do have all my feeds in categories, but I also generally read through them firehose style anyway so that may not be the biggest issue for me. The main advantage I can imagine for me is going from RSS to “Read It Later” will be easier if they are both in Readwise.

@holborne There are so many ways it’s hard to just list a few! Cleaner/more modern UI, full keyboard navigation, customizable views for article lists, better support for non-articles like videos, books and PDFs…and so much more. Their public beta announcement post is comprehensive and long! also already pay for Readwise so having this fully integrated into my highlighting workflow is perfect for me.
The Next Chapter of Reader: Public Beta

@chrispederick I agree with that last point and working through my own issues on the first 😁. It has been nice to triage my feeds in to quickly read, save for later, or just mark as “seen” and move on.

@chrispederick Huh. Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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