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Web Developer Status Report

Looking at the Web Developer history the average period of time between major releases has been about six weeks. With six weeks having passed since the 0.7 release I thought I would give a status report and explain why the 0.8 release is not yet ready to go.

The biggest amount of time on 0.8 has undoubtedly been spent on adding localization support. I had not even thought about localization support when originally creating the extension and so I have had to retrofit it into the code. This is a pretty dull task which takes a fair amount of time and has not exactly inspired me to work on the extension. However, it is now almost complete with only the options dialog to work on so this has allowed me to move on to coding new features.

As well as creating a Pinstripe theme—now that I have my Mac—I have added the following features:

  • Display Access Keys
  • Display Link Paths
  • Display Tab Index
  • Display Topographic Information
  • Make Form Fields Writable
  • Outline Frames
  • Populate Form Fields
  • Show Comments

With these features complete the plan is to finish adding localization support and then move on to some of the other things on the to-do list, particularly the ‘Edit CSS’ improvements. If you have ideas for new features or enhancements that you would like to see added then please contact me.

Chris Pederick

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