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Image from May 7th, 2019 at 7:32am

You can’t take a selfie in England without a bloody castle photobombing you

Chris Pederick


@chrispederick which castle was it this time?

@JohnPhilpin Bodiam. It’s my wife’s first real time in England so I wanted to show her the classic castle that I remember from my childhood.

You guys are so damn handsome.

@chrispederick new one on me … thankyou

@JohnPhilpin It’s beautiful on the outside, not much left on the inside. If you ever get the chance I’d highly recommend a visit.

@chrispederick true of so many castles … and yes – i will

@chrispederick and just parsed your posts to realize that you are a Bay Area based English man … SNAP enjoy your time away.

I remember there being lots of goldfish in that moat. Any photobombs?

@davehoare5050 No photobombs by them, but yup, loads of huge fish in the moat.

@JohnPhilpin Ah yeah. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 20 years now, but was born and grew up in England. This is my first time back to England in about 10 years though, so the first time I’ve been there with my wife.

@chrispederick worlds circling – are you aware of GBX – let me know if you would like an intro.

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