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Image from December 25th, 2020 at 8:56am

Christmas morning sunrise

Chris Pederick


Wow looks like the school is on fire

@chrispederick Heaven has it’s own Christmas lighting. Beautiful!

I did get flashbacks to September 9th when I first saw it which was our crazy Bladerunner 2049 day this year. Fortunately, just a very pretty sunrise this time!

Well, that’s a relief. Merry Christmas buddy!

Happy Christmas to you !

REALLY ??? You was up early and shite ….. Didja get what you wanted for Xmas ?? Happy Holidays to you two , someday soon we hope to come visit the 3 of you !! We haven’t been formally introduced to Queen Olive , but , to be honest, we had no idea of what to wear for that special of an occasion. Much love and joy to you 3. Love ❤️ much , Gene and Joanie 😷😬😷😬😷😬😂😂

very ‘night of the comet’!

My wife got this photo too!!

Merry Christmas to you too!

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